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Web Development

This demo is an example of what you can easily achieve with a content-based MVC PHP system. The #tech is called Laravel and it's one of the most popular frameworks used by true developers. Most agencies or the professional ones will lean towards this type of framework.

Why ? In simple terms this is a framework for low-level developers where the mantra of `Anything is Possible` applies. This means that you will never be restricted in what your site can do and it will also run as a really fast and efficient site because it's sort of written at a low [ish] level and very optimal.

Some will say that you should use packages like Wordpress, Wix and `that type` of #tech and they naturally have their place, but we are `coders`, or `developers` as people say these days and while your site is not completely written from scratch it is written from a clean-base starting point so it is or will become your bespoke system.

Web Design

Whilst we are a development company, you may require the employment of an outside web designer.

This very simple site is unlikely to win any awards and it is here to demonstrate the power of a true MVC content managed web system. Nevertheless, with some simple and modern design practices it is quite straightforward to PhotoShop some lovely images or graphics for your site to give it that professional gloss.

Naturally if you have your own design then we can fulfill this [pixel perfect] to any wireframe designs.

We are great believers in not reinventing the wheel and while we, nor you, would want a copy of another site, it is perfectly OK to say that you like `this` or `that` site as a sort of template. Some people or systems, e.g. WordPress, call them themes

Web Design
Web Payments

Hopefully your web-site will generate income and you can received on-line payments.

We can provide `shop` solutions for distributed goods, although there are many off-the-shelf systems for this type of web-site. Where bespoke eCommerce Apps come into play is when your customers build a personal service or portfolio from available options. This can be rolled out in a step-by-step process or perhaps just a few simple package or service plans.

Once the user has defined what they want [or their `cart`] then a simple one-off payment or subscription service can be executed. All such transactions must take place on a https:// server and payment via a secure but remote UK PSP [e.g. Stripe, Worldpay, Square].

All sites are very simply maintained by you via the built in CMS [Content Management System]. As well as simple page content this can control any bespoke systems such as the /news add-on employed here.

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Back end systems can be easily written for you employing any number of extra databases, either yours or third-party. Maps, graphs, animations, video, seo and social media tools - the list goes on. Remember anything your business needs to run can be now controlled via a personal and bespoke web-app.

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Web Pages or URLs are very easily managed and more importantly content searchable so `Google` friendly. They're all `pretty URLs` equally translated into links and fully Twitter Card and Facebook Preview ready.

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Everything is fully responsive and naturally scaled down to a mobile if required. We can also provide bespoke mobile-sites if you like and/or real Apps if needed, but these days unless your systems need true phone functions, the world of PWA [Progressive Web Apps] is making the need for native apps more of the exception nowadays.

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Social Media